University of Iowa Television

UITV is the legacy educational TV channel owned by the University of Iowa and administered currently by the Office of Strategic Communication

UITV broadcasts Daily Iowan Television (DITV) and archival video programming.

Daily schedule:
12am to 3am Performing Arts programming
3am to 5am Athletics related programming
5am-8am Campus programming
This schedule is repeated twice daily, seven days a week.

DITV News, the Daily Iowan's 15-minute weekday news broadcast, airs in the Campus block and premieres Sundays at 9pm and again at 9:15pm, repeating then at 11pm, 5am, 7am, 1pm and 3pm through Friday afternoon. For more information about the schedule see the Daily Iowan publishing calendar.  

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For questions about UITV contact: Benjamin Hill

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