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Our Photo Service offers professional digital photographic services for a myriad of needs such as promotional materials, individual and group photos, University events including sports, and construction projects. We also provide in-house processing and printing for black and white images, as well as printing of color digital images up to mural size. All work is available as conventional prints or in digital formats, including web appropriate formats. We also maintain an extensive archive of historical UI and Iowa City photos in a wide range of content.

  • Location photography
  • Studio portraits
  • Copy work
  • B&W and Color printing
  • Restore/enhance rare negatives & photos
  • Slides from art work
  • Copy 3D objects
  • Historical Archive

For sports photos from this year, browse PhotoShelter for extensive coverage, then order by phone: 319-335-2561

Call Linda for more info: 319-335-2561
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